Industrial Electronic Board Repair
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industrial input/output board repair

Industrial Input / output boards repair


First :    Input boards repair

      Every automated machine or production line has boards or more to take signal (digital or analogue) from input devices such as (switches, bottons, other boards, Relay, contactor ) and  transport this signal to operating CPU to have a suitable response according to installing program.

Any input boards either it is PLC or single can be repaired in Technotronics Company and percentage of success depends on nature and components in the boards and the fault size

 (average success percentage 90%)

 the programmed input boards repair success percentage is 80%


Second: Output boards

        Every automated machine or production line must have single or PLC output boards which take order from programmed CPU of the machines according to Input signal and program sequance


Technotronics can repair proffionally the output boards if the boards programmed ICs is OK if the output boards programmed ICs fail

 costumer must give us a good similar boards for program copy.


Technotronics success in repairing output boards is from 80% to 90% depending on fault nature and previous failed repair trials by others.  

Multi input output             Sangiacomo actuator
   frequancy board               board

  we call technotronics team for repairing input output board for plastic injection machine BOY technotronics take the board from our factory ,repair it, and return it back and install it and our machine work ok, its VIP service from technotronics team to us thanks for cooperation we appricate your preformance  
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