Industrial Electronic Board Repair
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DCS & SCADA automation repair   
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industrial input/output board repair   
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water damaged boards repair  
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CNC machines boards repair  
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cpu boards repair

CPU boards

CPU boards is a common board for all DCS and SCADA system in any automated machine or production line.

CPU is different from machine to another machine but it consists of common parts such as:-

1.    microprocessor.

2.    RAM (Random Access Memory)

3.    ROM (Read only Memory)

4.    GAL  (Gate Array Logic)

5.    PAL  (Programmable Array Logic)

6.    interface section (Inputs & Outputs)

7.    Monitoring Section.

And so many other parts depend on application.

CPU board repair requird high Qualified engineers and proffional tools and instrumentations

Percentage svcess in repairing CPU board in TECHNOTRONICS

1ST for hardware problem is 60%

2ND for software :-

a)    90% in case of costumer has another good board.

b)   Repair impossible if costumer do not have another board                                                                                                                                                                                                   board.jpg 
Brother Sewing Machine   CPU Board  CPU Board of Junior Lunati 
 Control                                                 Machine
   Hitashi Seiki CNC    Sangiaccomo Machine   Juki CPU
 Machine CPU Board      CPU Board
   ZSK embroidary Machine

  we are in TECHNOTRONICS repair CPU board since 1987 . we have good record in repairing CPU board for most of automated machines and production lines. our record for hardware problems in CPU IS 60% with guarantee 6 months form installing after repair  
  Name : Eng Sherif Abulazm  
  Title : technotronics GM  

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