Industrial Electronic Board Repair
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Ultrasonic welding machine repair  
Soft Starter  
servodrives repair  
DC drives repair  
PLC modules repair  
AC inverter repair  
industrial power supply repair  
DCS & SCADA automation repair   
cpu boards repair  
monitoring&control units repair  
CRT& LCD monitors & touch screen repair  
industrial input/output board repair   
stepper motor control boards repair  
clutch break controllers repair  
water damaged boards repair  
counters & encoders repair  
medical monitors repair  
Utilities equipments repair  
CNC machines boards repair  
industrial UPS repair  
welding machines boards repair  
Embroidery machines repair  
equipment repair  
plastic machines repair  
socks machines repair  
ceramic machines repair  
packing machines repair  
marble machines repair  
Glass machines repair  
forklifts boards repair  
Ready made clothes machines repair   
textile and knitting machines repair  
foods industries electronic boards  
foods industries electronic boards

Foods industries electronic boards

Foods industries consists of several steps of production such as :-

1.    Manufacturing raw material (main product)

2.    Sterilization step.

3.    Packaging step.


     In every step of production line there are many types of motors , air actuators , sensors , push buttons , screens , and temperature and pressure controllers.


     The control cabinet contains many electronic boards control and organizes the actuators according to a program installed in CPU boards.


     The control cabinets consists of many boards such as ( power supply , CPU  , input boards , output boards , inverters , servo drives , DC drives,,,,,,,,,)

     Technotronics repair this electronic board and so many other boards with high efficiency.Short time and long guarantee.


  we have an exellant experiment with TECHNOTRONICS company in repairing switching mode power supply and welding machine control board TECHNOTRONICS repair our boards fast and good price and give us one year guarantte ,thanks technotronics  
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