Industrial Electronic Board Repair
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Ultrasonic welding machine repair  
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PLC modules repair  
AC inverter repair  
industrial power supply repair  
DCS & SCADA automation repair   
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CRT& LCD monitors & touch screen repair  
industrial input/output board repair   
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clutch break controllers repair  
water damaged boards repair  
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medical monitors repair  
Utilities equipments repair  
CNC machines boards repair  
industrial UPS repair  
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Embroidery machines repair  
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Ready made clothes machines repair   
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foods industries electronic boards  
AC inverter repair

         AC inverters are basic part in any automated control panel, high power AC inverters are considerable to be repaired especially if the problem in power part of the inverters.

      Technotronics engineers deal with most of famous brand of AC inverters especially the digital control inverters located in SCADA machines and production line with tools and instruments that found in any international PCB repair lab.

precentage success in AC inverters.

     First: up to 3kw output inverters:

     Success in repair power problems 90%

            (every 10  inverters we success in 9 to repair)

     Success in repair control board problems 70%

            (every 10 inverters we success in 7 to repair)

   Second: more than 3kw output AC inverters:

    Success in repair power section 80%

       (every 10 inverters we success in 8 to repair)

    Success in repair control section 70%

       (every 10 inverters we success in 7 to repair)

  • Famous cases in AC inverters:-
  1. Damage in AC inverter due to water come inside it ( in foods factories ) (70%repair percentage)
  2. Damage in AC inverter due to temporary supply power failure (90%repair percentage)
  3. Damage in AC inverter due to surge and harmonic (75% repair percentage)
  4. Damage in AC inverter due to shorted load (motor) ( 90% repair percentage )
  5. Damage in AC inverter due to over voltage or over temperature (fan failure) (95% repair percentage)

and so many other special cases we repair. 



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  any time we have critical problem in electronic boards in our complicated machines we use periority service in technotronics company and their response is accurate and fast  
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