Industrial Electronic Board Repair
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industrial power supply repair

     Every machines or production line has one or more switching mode power supply which represents a common part of any control system.



Machine switching mode power supply can be classified into two types:

1.     Standard single output with low output power.

2.      Multi output or non standard or high output power.


First: for standard single output with low output power such as: - output 5V, 2A you can throw it away and buy new one which will be more commercial than repair cost.  

Second: for multi output or non- standard or high output power you must repair it because it is more difficult to replace it by standard power supply and it commercial than new power supply or some times it is discontinued.


Technotronics has a high score in repairing switching mode power up to 97% of power supplies delivered to Technotronics can be repaired with cost between 30% to 50% of new one with warranty according to our pricing policy in this website.


egymarble machine power supply repaired     

egy marble machine power supply repaired

CNC muti-output   KOMEKS company old   low power switching mode
1000V-1000A power supply   Siemens power supply  

  one of our important machine stop for siemens power supply failure we call technotronics company they come and take the power supply and after 24 hour the come back to install repaired power supply and the machine run again , we think that siemens power supply cannot repaired but technotronics change our belives thanks technotronics  
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