Industrial Electronic Board Repair
floppy to usb converter *RGB to VGA LCD converter* floppy to USB converter * floppy to USB converter* RGB to VGA LCD converter Welcome to Technotronics company website we have (floppy to usb converter) we repair industrial electronic boards * repair DC power supply * repair AC inverters * repair PLC modules * repair servo drives*repair LCD display * repair industrial CRT display* repair water damaged boards* repair CNC machines boards* repair socks machines boards*repair textile machines boards* industrial input/output boards repair*monitoring & control unit repair *stepper motor control boards repair* CRT& LCD monitors & touch screen repair * clutch break controllers repair * counters & encoders repair * medical monitors repair * utilities equipment repair * CNC machines boards repair *Foods industries electronic boards * Ready mode clothes machines repair * Forklifts boards repair * Glass machines repair * Marble machines repair * Ceramic machines repair * Packing machines repair * plastic machines repair * Embroidery machines repair * welding machines boards repair * equipment repair * industrial UPS repair
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Ultrasonic welding machine repair  
Soft Starter  
servodrives repair  
DC drives repair  
PLC modules repair  
AC inverter repair  
industrial power supply repair  
DCS & SCADA automation repair   
cpu boards repair  
monitoring&control units repair  
CRT& LCD monitors & touch screen repair  
industrial input/output board repair   
stepper motor control boards repair  
clutch break controllers repair  
water damaged boards repair  
counters & encoders repair  
medical monitors repair  
Utilities equipments repair  
CNC machines boards repair  
industrial UPS repair  
welding machines boards repair  
Embroidery machines repair  
equipment repair  
plastic machines repair  
socks machines repair  
ceramic machines repair  
packing machines repair  
marble machines repair  
Glass machines repair  
forklifts boards repair  
Ready made clothes machines repair   
textile and knitting machines repair  
foods industries electronic boards  
Served industries

     Technotronics working since 1999 in technical support including  

      electronic boards repair for following industries.

1.   Plastic industry:-

        We can technical support including electronic board repair for:-

     A. Blown film machines.

     B.  Extrusion film machines.

     C.  Injection machines

     D.  Plastic recycles machines.

       For many brands and models 

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2.   Textile industry

   First: socks machines

Technotronics Company is a pioneer company in field of technical support and electronic board repair for socks machines many brands and models as example


      Models 4CUS * 5CUS * 6CUS * Fantasia * Hi-Tec...

2)  Lunati:- 

          Different models such as:

*     LA series (Single cylinder) Women's Socks:-

*    (LA04JS LA08MJ LA04MJ LA0M7 LA10P7   


          GL series (Men & children ) Single cylinder:-

            (GL516 GL 616 GL710 GL544 GL 744 GL 715)

  Junior old machine (Double cylinder)

  Bravo 900 (Double cylinder)

 3. Machine Body such as:


  Single jersey circular knitting machine

*      For, underwear, swimwear, sportswear

a) 8 feed machine (SM 8)

SM8 types TOP1V, EV04, TOP1MP TOP2, EV04J

b)  4 feed       SM4 types   C, PLUS3, TL2, TR2                 

  Double Jersey

                  SM9 3W                   

 Warp seamless

                  SWD4/2J SWD6/2J

All perivous brands and models we can repair and repair its electronic boards with warranty.

Second: Textile industry  

       Technotronics is expert specialist in textile looms diffrent brands and models such us:-

                    (Vamatex - Somet - Novapenuni - Saurar)

The electronic boards repaired professionally are:-

1.    Switching mode power suppy.

2.    CPU boards.

3.    Input boards.

4.    Servo drives.

5.    Inverters and DC drives.

6.    Tension control boards.

* For more data you can contact us *

   Third: circular and flat textile

          Technotronics can repair all electronic board in field of circular and flat textile such us:-

(Power supplies - Inverter - Dc drive - Servo drive - Input / output boards - Special functions boards)

* For more data you can contact us *

  CNC machines:-

     Technotronics is high expert in CNC (Computer Numeric Control) especially Hi-Tec Japanese Hitachi models and also Chinese types. Board can be repaired:-

1)  Switching mode power supply.

2)  Input / output boards.

3)  Servo drives.

4)  Special function PCBS.

5)  Monitors (CRT & LCD

    We can also make technical support in repair CNC machine troubleshooting. 

* For more data you can contact us*


3. Bottling plants and packaging: - 
   Technotronics Company specializing in the repair of electronic cards in packaging machines, different brands of Chinese or Japanese (Ishida) 

* For more details in this area Contact Us *


4. Glass factories: - 
Technotronics company has a cadre of trained engineers to repair cards electronic oven glass and  rigidity unit and cutting various types of units such as: -  
Inverters - PLC - Power Supply - Pressure & Temperature boards - Servo drives 

                                   * Contact us for more details in this area * 


5. Ceramic factories: - 
Technotronics Company has the expert to repair the card's electronic ceramics factories such as cards :-( ignition of furnaces - units of speed control motors - controllers, temperature and pressure) 

* For more information in this area Contact Us*


6. Marble factories: - 

Technotronics repair electronic boards for marble factories such as following: - 
   A) an electronic boards (units PLC - Power Supply - units of the   speed servo motors) 
   B) an electronic boards for cutting machines of different brands. 
   C)  Special electronic boards in units of services (screwcompressor - chiller electric generators ....) 

                                      * Contact us for more details in this area * 

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