Industrial Electronic Board Repair
floppy to usb converter *RGB to VGA LCD converter* floppy to USB converter * floppy to USB converter* RGB to VGA LCD converter Welcome to Technotronics company website we have (floppy to usb converter) we repair industrial electronic boards * repair DC power supply * repair AC inverters * repair PLC modules * repair servo drives*repair LCD display * repair industrial CRT display* repair water damaged boards* repair CNC machines boards* repair socks machines boards*repair textile machines boards* industrial input/output boards repair*monitoring & control unit repair *stepper motor control boards repair* CRT& LCD monitors & touch screen repair * clutch break controllers repair * counters & encoders repair * medical monitors repair * utilities equipment repair * CNC machines boards repair *Foods industries electronic boards * Ready mode clothes machines repair * Forklifts boards repair * Glass machines repair * Marble machines repair * Ceramic machines repair * Packing machines repair * plastic machines repair * Embroidery machines repair * welding machines boards repair * equipment repair * industrial UPS repair
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Ultrasonic welding machine repair  
Soft Starter  
servodrives repair  
DC drives repair  
PLC modules repair  
AC inverter repair  
industrial power supply repair  
DCS & SCADA automation repair   
cpu boards repair  
monitoring&control units repair  
CRT& LCD monitors & touch screen repair  
industrial input/output board repair   
stepper motor control boards repair  
clutch break controllers repair  
water damaged boards repair  
counters & encoders repair  
medical monitors repair  
Utilities equipments repair  
CNC machines boards repair  
industrial UPS repair  
welding machines boards repair  
Embroidery machines repair  
equipment repair  
plastic machines repair  
socks machines repair  
ceramic machines repair  
packing machines repair  
marble machines repair  
Glass machines repair  
forklifts boards repair  
Ready made clothes machines repair   
textile and knitting machines repair  
foods industries electronic boards  
DC drives repair

*DC drives still untill now the most powerful speed control for heavy industries due to its torque, high stability, excellent for heavy driven mechanical loads.

*DC drives feed back may be tachogenerator,incremental encoder, or absolute encoder to get stability of motor speed.

*DC drive is suitable for linear forward direction rotation with used in many heavy industries as iron and steal industry, Plastic industry.

*DC drive control done by field control or armature control, 99% of control application be armature control. as speed be function of armature voltage directly proportionality. Percentage of repair DC drive in Technotronics company.

*DC drive up to 5KW can be repaired as

 90% for power failure.

80%  for control failure.

depand on nature of damage area of DC drive. 

*DC drive more than 5KW can be repaired as:

80% for power failure.

70% for control failure

In 90% of repaired DC drive the repair cost be from 30% to 50% of new DC drive price with guarantee one year according to our guarantee conditions explained in our web site.



  we are in technotronics can promise our coustmers by stable fast and accurate repair for any electronic board delivered to us our garranttee from 6 month to one year after repair  
  Name : engineer sherif abulazm  
  Title : technotronics GM  

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